Our Plan for


Supporting Local Industries and Jobs

More bureaucratic red and green tape has made it tough for farmers and local businesses. Our country communities are the engine room of Queensland’s economy but the State Government has neglected our regions for far too long. We need to unlock the potential of regional Queensland by supporting our local businesses to invest, grow and create more local jobs and career opportunities.

Better Regional Healthcare

Labor has sent our health system into crisis with critical services underfunded in our country communities. Local families are being deprived of the basic health services they need.

I will work hard every day to secure our country communities with the State Government funding needed to deliver better healthcare services. Local families deserve better access to healthcare and maternity services.

Fixing Local Roads and Regional Highways

Local roads need extra funding to fix the backlog of road maintenance works. We also need to be investing in building and upgrading regional highway networks to better connect our local communities and unlock economic growth.

Labor’s mismanagement has led to Queensland’s road maintenance backlog reaching close to $6 billion, putting our safety at risk.